✸ Mooniverse releases war-in-Ukraine-themed art-music video 2022-08-29

Mooniverse releases war-in-Ukraine-themed art-music video

Version without documentary footage intro in the bottom of this page.

This is an improvisation/instant composition by Mooniverse: Full title: ’Somewhere, a special heartbreaking operation’. Conceptually based on the emotions that arose in our souls after the events started 24 of February 2022 in Ukraine.

Many people realize that Russia’s war of conquest against Ukraine is more terrifying and threatening than most wars in a very long time. The driving forces are similar to the metaphysical ideas that drove Nazi Germany; ideas much about special rights are granted by something higher to the own group while the other side has no right to exist…
Even though many people seem to understand this, the commitment seems to be decreasing over time, while some have bought into Putin’s propaganda even though outside of Russia we don’t get 15 years in prison for speaking freely. Our commitment is based on us taking in info from a broad base; at huge parts more personal sources than just the big channels; for example vloggers who are on site and but also Russians, often very knowledgeable, who provide a very high-resolution image and Russian-inside perspective that few can access.

The music (and visuals) here is an example of how our engagement a subject can influence the music we create under the Mooniverse flag. In this project, we work a lot with improvisation/composing in the present as a method and the intuitive plays a central role. From those intuitive levels the idea popped up that we should try to use some of the basic phrases from the classic ‘Over The Rainbow’ as a starting point: What would happen when those hopeful tones met the feelings of the horrific atrocity backdrop? This was the result. Recorded in one single take.

The initial documentary footage (here in short version edited by us) is borrowed from an unknown author but with permission from ”iStand with Ukraine_Nataliya’s channel” on Youtube. It was filmed in close proximity to the Mariupol play theater the first minutes after it was bombed March 16 and approximately 300 civilians there was killed.
All credit to the Filmer. We really hope She and her companion are alive.

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