Mooniverse is a search operation, a search for deeper connection, balancing on the edge of intention and to be in the heart of the creative unpredictable flow cores. Improvisation/composing in the present is often an central way of work for us in Mooniverse. 

We are a duo based in Gothenburg, Sweden and consisting of…
• Mari Åkerblom: vocal, vocal arts, piano, violin, experiments. Professionally active as singer, musician, composer and song coach (click here for Moonbus Musikcoaching). Academically educated (CV at my LinkedIn). Link hub with more info here:  www.moonbus.se/mari-akerblom
• Ulrik Claesson: base, guitars, experiments, production. More info here: www.moonbus.se/ulrik-claesson

Mooniverse is a project from Moonbus Productions; a cross-collaboration-platform in the fields of art, design, music and text creation of various kind and also the united umbrella brand its members use when working with different projects.