Mooniverse Some kind of cosmic connection jazz…


MOONIVERSE creates some kind of “broadband-connection-to-universe” jazz and is a duo based in Gothenburg, Sweden and consisting of…
• Mari Åkerblom: vocal, vocal arts, piano, violin, experiments. Professionally active as singer, musician, composer and song coach (click here for Moonbus Musikcoaching). Academically educated (click for LinkedIn-CV). Link hub with more info here:
• Ulrik Claesson: base, guitars, experiments. More info here:

CONCEPTUAL thoughts for Mooniverse can be found on the page about our debut album ”MeYouWeThem”.

Mooniverse is a project from Moonbus Productions; a cross-collaboration-platform in the fields of art, design, music and text creation of various kind and also the united umbrella brand its members use when working with different projects.